How to Shred Cabbage in Food Processor

How to Shred Cabbage in Food Processor

Shredded cabbage is essential in making many recipes, from salads to soups. But shredding it is a time-consuming and tough process. In addition, you may not have proper control over it if you use a knife to chop the cabbage.

To avoid cleaning the mess made in the process of shredding a cabbage,  use a food processor. You can use the shredding blade given along with your food processor to do the job. To know more about how it is done, check the simple steps and procedure mentioned below.

How to Shred Cabbage in Kitchenaid Food Processor

Cabbage in Food Processor

To shred or grate your vegetables in a KitchenAid food processor, you should use the shredding or grating disc given along with the food processor.

Start the process by fixing the bowl of the KitchenAid food processor to the base, and the shredding blade should be fixed on top of the bowl. You cannot turn on the processor if the lid or the bowl is not properly fixed to their bases. After you’re all set up, follow the steps below to get the perfectly shredded cabbage.

Step 1: Dice the cabbage into two halves

Dice the cabbage in half so it will be easier to handle.

Step 2: Remove the hard center of the cabbage

Using a sharp knife remove the center of the cabbage, which is hard and not edible. Then, trim it till you reach the leaves of the cabbage.

Step 3: Dice the cabbage into smaller units

Cut both the cabbage halves into small pieces so they can fit through the tube of the food processor.

Step 4: Place the lid of the processor  and remove the pusher from the food tube

Put back the lid of the food processor and remove the food pusher used to push the food through the tube. Make sure the lid clicks into the given clip of the beaker.

Step 5: Pulse the food processor

Start pulsing the food processor with small bursts and increase the pulse. Next, add the diced cabbage through the tube and press it down till it reaches the blade. Repeat the process until your cabbage is completely shredded.

How to pick the best cabbage

pick the best cabbage

Search for compactly packed leaves on a vegetable that looks layery and heavy for the best cabbages. You can remove the top layer of leaves and check the inside if it is rotten or fresh. The leaves should be bright and thick; do not pick any cabbages with brown or yellow spots on them.

Type of Blade Required to Shred the Cabbage in a Food Processor

When you buy a new processor, you will be given some blades for the food processor. Kindly use them only. Each one of them is built to perform a specific task. So not all the blades will work efficiently if you use them for all purposes,

The blade you will need for the process of shredding cabbage is the shredding disc. It will have sharp perforations in several rows on the disc. This will make the food that passes through it into small pieces.

Why Should You Use A Food Processor to Shred Cabbage?

Shredding a  cabbage in a food processor includes many benefits that are listed down below:

  • Saving time when shredding cabbage
  • Nice texture and size of the  shredded cabbage
  • Mess-free shredding or grating
  • Allows you to adjust the size of the vegetables chopped using a food processor.

The Bottom Line

Shredding cabbage in a food processor gives you the best texture and an eye-pleasing chop. This is the easiest and mess-free method to chop vegetables. You can also use the manual method for shredding a cabbage if you do not have a food processor. Chill the vegetables for some time before you shred them; this will make your job easier. Keep your vegetables or other items inside a refrigerator before shredding, grating, or slicing them.


1. Why does my cabbage taste bitter?

Cabbage usually tastes bitter, and it is really good for your health. They also have an unpleasant smell which many never like. But all these have anti-cancer properties.

Many companies treat them while they grow to eliminate this, but after you cook the cabbage, it will have a mild flavor and taste delicious.

2. Which is easier? Shredding a cabbage in a food processor or by hand?

A food processor will be efficient as it is mess-free and does the job easily. For example, while chopping or shredding vegetables by hand and a knife, you may not get a proper texture and size. It is also time-consuming, but when you use a food processor, it does the job in seconds and does not create a mess.



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