Can You Grind Meat in a Food Processor?

Can You Grind Meat in a Food Processor?

Grinding your own meat will give you a way to cut fat and clean it properly. This way, your meat will have a better texture and taste than store-bought ground meat. In addition, you do not have to worry about contamination in your ground meat because you do it yourself.

Yes, you can grind your meat in your food processor according to your requirements. Sometimes, store-bought ground beef or pork will have more fat than meat. This is because you cannot be sure if it is processed and packed in sanity. Doing it yourself will save you from all those crappy storage and processing procedures.

What Types of Meat Can You Grind in a Food Processor?

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Using a food processor to grind meat will give you fresh ground meat and taste great. You should be careful throughout the process and ensure no bones are left inside the processor before you start grinding your meat. Before adding your meat to the food processor, dice it into small cubes so that it can fit into the processor. You can use the ground meat in the food processor for the below-mentioned food varieties:

  1. Sirloin steak for a night pub-style grilled burger.
  2. Boneless turkey for grilled skinless turkey burgers.
  3. Sea shrimp for shrimp burger patties or grilled burgers.
  4. Cod fish for fresh ground fish cakes.
  5. Pork for pork stir fry or lettuce wraps.
  6. Boneless beef ribs and beef eyes for ground beef to use in soups and tacos.

How to Grind Meat Without a Food Processor

How to Grind Meat Without a Food Processor

Looking for alternate ways to use ground meat without a meat grinder or a food processor? Well, it is time to excel in your chef skills. Although you will need lots of time to learn and master this new cooking technique, it will greatly help you excel in your cooking skills.

It is not actually difficult to master it; speaking of the pros of the process, you can control the size and texture of your ground meat. Need it fine and smooth or a little chunky? Your choice! Follow the easy steps mentioned below to get the perfect ground meat.

Step 1: Chop the meat using a sharp knife

To start this method, you must have a nice sharp knife and a clean chopping board. Clean the meat first and place it on the board. Now, using a sharp-edged knife, make slits into the meat at a 45-degree angle. Only make slits; do not chop it down away.

Step 2: Repeat the same step on the other side of the meat

Flip the meat strip onto the other side and redo the primary step. This time cut it in the opposite direction from the above step. Try to maintain the same angle as before.

Step 3: Cut it perpendicular

Flip the slitted meat onto the other side, which needs to be processed for the slits, and cut it at an angle of 90 degrees. Cut it through 75% of the meat and maintain the width of the cuts.

Step 4: Repeat the same step on the other side

Do the third step again, pile the meat, and chop it randomly from different directions several times. You can repeat the step until you find the texture you are looking for.

Why Should You grind your own meat?

1. Tastes better and fresh

Believe it or not, fresh ground meat using your own hands tastes much better than a store-bought pack. Most people are used to buying packed meat available at the nearby stores. But you can make the tastiest and freshest ground meat at home.

2. It’s a lot healthier

Ground meat sold in the supermarket tends to have many health problems. Many have trouble eating those. Instead of spoiling your health, you can invest your time in making the healthiest meat.

3. The meat looks to have a better texture and flavor

Store-bought meat will be on the shelves for months, making them stale and flavorless. You can season them well when you make it at home. You can chop the meat with a clean and neat texture and chop out the excess fats to make it flavorful.

Final words

Grinding meat without a food processor is super easy and produces a flavorful meatball. You can now easily prepare ground meat using the above steps. This way, you get to choose your meat size and texture. Then, you can add any flavor or seasoning to the ground meat, which will be more tasteful.

You do not have to worry about the sanity of store-purchased meat now. Instead, keep the meat and fat ratio to 75% to 25% for burger patties and 80% to 20% for sausages or casseroles. This ratio will give you the perfect juicy ground meat every time.



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